Can I do a work-based placement or undertake dissertation fieldwork?

Students on this programme will have the opportunity to apply for a work-based placement as part of their dissertation course. Not all students are guaranteed access to this work-based placement element and it is based on a 2 stage competitive application process: Stage 1: including a CV, cover letter and Stage 2: interview.
Students who do not undertake a work-based placement will return to the host university of their primary dissertation supervisor in either Glasgow, Dublin, Trento or Prague for the duration of the final mobility period, and undertake a traditional dissertation. Students can undertake fieldwork as part of their dissertation studies. All fieldwork has to be agreed with your supervisor and any associate/hosting partner. Please note that work-based placements are not paid. Students also need to cover any associated travel/living expenses during their time on placement. We advise that scholarship holders use their travel and subsistence grant to cover these expenses.


Date: April 2, 2018 11:19 am


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