Can you give me information about providing references for the application?

Do I need to send you my original references?
No, clear scanned copies of your references on headed paper are acceptable and you can upload these yourself when you are making your application online. If your referees prefer to send references directly to us then they can do so by email (see ‘Can my referees email their reference?’ below). If your referees would prefer to post references then this is also possible (though email is preferred) and you should ask them to post the reference letters, on headed paper, to the address below. Your referees should state your name, your application number and the course you are applying for on the reference letter.

Postal Address:

PGT Admissions, Recruitment and International Office
71 Southpark Avenue
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

Can you contact my referees yourself to ask for references?
No, that is not possible. It is your responsibility to request the references in the first instance and make sure they understand what we require from them. We will occasionally contact your referees to obtain further information on your performance.

Can my referees email their references?
Yes, your referees can email a scanned copy of their letter to us, provided it is on headed paper. We will also accept a reference by email provided the email is from your referee’s professional email account and contains their full employee name and address. They should send it to the

Your references should be on official headed paper of either your undergraduate university or business of employer if you are providing a work reference. These should also be signed by the referee. You can then upload these to your online application through Applicant Self-Service.

Your references should include details of your academic/working performance.


Date: April 2, 2018 11:19 am


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