Who can I do a work-based placement with?

Work-based placement partners for 2015-2017 included the United Nations (New York), VoXPOL Centre for Online Political Extremism and Violence (Dublin), and the Hungarian Institute for Foreign Affairs (Budapest). From
Partners offering placements for 2016-2018 students included: Aegis: Security and Defence (London), Antall Jozsef Foundation (Budapest), Council for European Studies (New York OR Barcelona), Eastern European Studies Centre (Vilnius), International Centre for Defence and Security (Tallinn), Institute for International Relations and Political Science (Vilnius), Institute for Strategic Dialogue (London), United Nations (New York), Prague Security Studies Institute (Prague), Hungarian Institute for Foreign Affairs (Budapest).
Other placement providers for recent IMSISS students included: The United Nations Association of the UK (London), The Latvian Institution of International Affairs (Riga), the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (Germany), Arx Maritime (Edinburgh), Centre for Security Studies (Zurich), European Geopolitical Forum (Brussels), Macquaire University (Sydney), Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (Austria).
Students can also identify their own placement partners but they need to introduce them to the programme director and Work-related opportunities officer no later than mid-November.
We anticipate that we will have a similar list of placement partners for the 2022-2024 intake of students and hope to add new partners.


Date: April 2, 2018 11:18 am


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