Work Placements, Internships & Traineeships

Collaborative Work Placement Scheme

All IMSISS students have the opportunity to apply for a work placement via the programme’s Collaborative Work Placement Scheme. The scheme provides 20-25 work placements linked to a student’s independent study. These vary in length from six weeks to over three months, and cover a range of industries associated with the course. Organisations might host students in their first or second year, and some placements provide opportunities for collaborative research that directly informs dissertation research.

Students apply on a competitive basis during their first year for a placement, and if successful are matched with a placement partner. We do not guarantee that all applicants will be successfully placed and students are welcome to identify and obtain their own placement or internship opportunities.

In recent years, students on our Collaborative Work Placement Scheme have partnered with a wide range of organisations across Europe and globally. For more information on which organisations have been involved please click HERE.

Placement Providers

Are you interested in working with IMSISS students by offering a placement? Then please download our information leaflet [IMSISS PLACEMENT FLYER WEB – PDF]

Other Placement, Internship & Traineeship Opportunities

Masters students recognise the importance of making connections outside the classroom. Work Placements, Internships and Traineeships provide students the opportunity to expand their skills, network with professionals and make an impact in their field.

The University of Glasgow Careers Service hosts an internship hub which provides a list of UK-based opportunities.

A list of organisations that offer internships and placements in the Czech Republic can be found HERE.

Consortium partners actively seek internships for our students.  Any opportunities which become available are passed on to students and will be notified to IMSISS students via the programme Moodle site.

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