Teaching Staff

Charles University Prague

Dr. Vít Střítecký
Assistant Professor of Security Studies vit.stritecky@fsv.cuni.cz
Research Interests: technology and security, defence industry, European Security

Prof. Oldřich Bureš
Associate Professor of Security Studies oldrich.bures@fsv.cuni.cz
Research Interests: Fight against terrorism, EU counter-terrorism policies, conflict studies

Prof. Nik Hynek
Associate Professor of Security Studies nik.hynek@fsv.cuni.cz
Research Interests: Human security, critical security studies, strategic studies

Dr. Tomáš Karásek
Assistant Professor of Security Studies tomas.karasek@fsv.cuni.cz
Research Interests: Euro-Atlantic security, East Asian security, conflict studies

Dr. Onřej Ditrych
Assistant Professor of Security Studies ondrej.ditrych@fsv.cuni.cz
Research Interests: critical security studies, critical terrorism studies, EU neighbourhood policy

Dr. Tomáš Kučera
Assistant Professor of Security Studies tomas.kucera@fsv.cuni.cz
Research Interests: war studies, military sociology, civil-military relations

Dr Emil Souleimanov
Associate Professor of Security Studies souleimanov@fsv.cuni.cz Research Interests: Security and asymmetric conflict (civil war and ethnic conflict; small wars; insurgency and counterinsurgency, radicalization); particularly the ethnography/micro-dynamics of political violence, with emphasis on asymmetric warfare; politics of memory; qualitative methods

Dublin City University

Dr. James Fitzgerald
Lecturer in Terrorism Studies james.fitzgerald@dcu.ie
Research Interests: everyday resistances to (counter)terrorism; the political ontology of terrorism; and exploring (in)orthodoxies of “academic writing” and the types of knowledge produced thereof

Dr. Ken McDonagh
Lecturer in International Relations kenneth.mcdonagh@dcu.ie
Research Interests: EU security, Foreign policy and Identity, US Foreign policyy, Counter-terrorism and security discourse, and the politics of risk in international security governance

Dr Maura Conway
Professor in Law and Government maura.conway@dcu.ie
Research Interests: online tracing of extremist networks on Twitter; violent online political extremist material; extreme Right online forum.

Dr Vicky Conway
Lecturer in Law and Government Vicky.conway@dcu.ie
Research Interests: Policing, police culture and police accountability

Dr Niamh Gaynor
Associate Professor Niamh.gaynor@gcu.ie
Research Interests: Peacebuilding and local Governance in Africa, politics of inequality and development

Dr Gezim Visoka
Assistant Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies gezim.visoka@dcu.ie
Research Interests: Post-conflict peacebuilding, international statebuilding and reconstruction, global governance, European foreign policy, transitional justice, and foreign policy of small states

Dr Jules Gaspard
Lecturer in Intelligence Studies jules.gaspard@dcu.ie
Research Interests: Intelligence, counter espionage, United States

University of Glasgow

Dr Luca Anceschi
Lecturer in Central Asian Studies, School of Social and Political Science (CEES) luca.anceschi@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: politics and international relations of post-Soviet Central Asia, Geopolitics of energy and climate change, leadership change and regime change in central Asia and Middle East.

Dr Eamonn Butler
Lecturer in Central and East European Studies, School of Social and Political Science (CEES) eamonn.butler@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: European Union; Euro-Atlantic Integration, Security and International Relations in Central and Eastern Europe, energy security, minority rights, security institutions.

Dr Ammon Cheskin
Lecturer in Nationalism and Russian Politics School of Social and Political Science (CEES) ammon.cheskin@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Russian soft power in Ukraine, Russian foreign policy, Ukrainian politics

Professor Peter Jackson
Chair in Global Security, School of Humanities (History) Peter.jackson@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Intelligence and Security Studies; Franco-British Defence Co-operation in the Twentieth Century; The Rise of Modern Intelligence Organisations

Dr Andrew Judge
University Teacher in International Relations, School of Social and Political Science (Politics) andrew.judge@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Security Studies, European Union Politics and Policymaking, and Energy Politics

Prof. Rebecca Kay
Professor of Russian Gender Studies, School of Social and Political Science (CEES) rebecca.kay@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Migration and Asylum, Social Security, Gender and Security, Insecurity and Vulnerability

Dr Alex Marshall
Senior Lecturer in History and Convenor of the Scottish Centre for War Studies, School of Humanities (History) alexander.marshall@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Russian/Soviet military and political history, The Caucasus & Central Asia, 19th & 20th Century Afghanistan, Counter-Insurgency and Revolutionary War, Drug smuggling

Dr Cian O’Driscoll
Senior Lecturer in International Politics, School of Social and Political Science (Politics) cian.o’driscoll@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Ethics of War and Peace, Classical and Contemporary Just War Tradition, English School IR Theory

Professor David Smith
Professor of Baltic Studies, School of Social and Political Science and Alec Nove Chair (CEES) david.smith@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Contemporary history, politics and international relations of the Baltic States

Dr Damien Van Puyvelde
Lecturer in Intelligence and International Security Damien.VanPuyvelde@glasgow.ac.uk
Research Interests: Intelligence and security studies, with a focus on issues of democratic governance and interagency coordination.