Consortium Management & Governance

The IMSISS Consortium’s Management and Governance is structured across a number of different institutional responsibility roles and committees. Please click on the tabs below to find more.

The University of Glasgow will serve as the Coordinating Institution of the Programme. As the Coordinating Institution, the University of Glasgow will:

  • Have primary responsibility for the administration of the Programme.
  • Liaise with the Agency on all leadership, management, administrative and financial matters related to the Programme.
  • Report to the Agency on all management, administrative and financial matters related to the Programme.
  • Manage, disburse and account for all funding received from the Agency in support of the Programme.
  • Appoint a designated member of contracted administrative staff to serve as the Programme’s overall Administrative Coordinator.
  • The Coordinating Institution will act on behalf of the IMSISS Consortium by entering into a Student Agreement with each Student.

The Consortium Management Board (CMB has overall responsibility for the leadership, management, delivery and development of the Programme.



The CMB has responsibility for the development, approval and oversight of the Programme’s:

  • academic structures, composition and content;
  • academic standards, regulations and quality of the Programme;
  • shared policies and procedures;
  • management and administration of the Programme;
  • academic and administrative staffing;
  • funding and finances, including the management of the Programme’s Scholarships and Management Funds and the allocation of income from the Programme between Consortium Partner Universities (CPU)s;
  • tuition Fees and other participation costs;
  • marketing and publicity;
  • recruitment and admissions of Students to the Programme, including the setting of student recruitment and registration targets;
  • Student Agreement;
  • Consortium Agreement and its accompanying annexes;
  • reports and other relevant communications with the EACEA;
  • External Examiner selection;
  • student handbooks publication and other related documentation and information.

The CMB is also responsible for oversight and resolution of any disputes between CPUs.



Convenor (Full-Voting Rights)

  • Programme Director – Dr Eamonn Butler (University of Glasgow)

Ex-Officio Members (Full-Voting Rights)

  • Programme Co-Director – Dr James Fitzgerald (Dublin City University)
  • Programme Co-Director – Dr Vít Střítecký (Charles University)

Clerk (Non-Voting)

  • Programme Administrator – Ms Lauren Hoare

Co-Options (Full-Voting Rights) as Agreed by the Ex-Officio Board

  • Dr Jules Gaspard (Dublin City University)
  • Dr Damien Van Puyvelde (University of Glasgow)
  • Mr Jakub Tesař (Charles University)

Occasional Co-Options (Non-Voting) as Agreed by the Ex-Officio Board

  • Summer School Convenor – Professor Markus Bresinsky (OTH Regensburg)
  • Placement Officer – Mrs Emma Smith (University of Glasgow)

The Programme Advisory Board (PAB) is responsible for engaging with the Programme’s Associate Partners, Non-University Partners and other external stakeholders to advise on the leadership, management, delivery and development of the Programme. It meets virtually once per-year or at the request of the CMB.



The PAB will:

  • Advise the Consortium Management Board as to the leadership, management and delivery of the Programme.
  • Consider proposals and plans for the development of the Programme.
  • Oversee the Programme’s approach and actions for supporting the employability of its students.
  • Support and identification and securing of placement and internship opportunities for students.
  • Oversee and support the Programme’s engagement with non-academic partners and stakeholders.
  • Support the marketing, promotion and dissemination of the programme.





The Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) is responsible for engaging with Students as to the leadership, management, delivery and development of the Programme.

Minutes of all SSLC meetings are made available on the IMSISS Moodle page. To access these students should sign in using their GUID and Password.



  • Dr Eamonn Butler (University of Glasgow)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dr Vít Střítecký (Charles University)
  • Dr James Fitzgerald (Dublin City University)


  • Ms Lauren Hoare (University of Glasgow)

Student Members

  • International Representative – William Haynes (2017-2019)
  • EU Representative – Britta Moorman (2017-2019)
  • Equality & Diversity Representative – Aizhan Orozbakieva (2017-2019)

Elections for additional student members to represent the 2018-2020 cohort will take place in September 2018.




The Joint Board of Examiners (JBOE) is responsible for overseeing the conduct of the Programme’s assessment policies and procedures, in accordance with each of the Consortium Partner Universities’ academic regulations.



The JBOE will:

  • Receive and confirm the marks for modules delivered as part of the Programme.
  • Consider and determine, in accordance with the relevant regulations of each CPU, the award and classification of all Students registered on the Programme.
  • Consider in its decisions on award and classification any claims of serious adverse and/or special circumstances submitted by students under consideration by the Board.
  • Consider any reports of any irregularities in assessment processes, relating to either potential academic malpractice or the conduct of the assessment process relating to the Programme.
  • Consider any reports of plagiarism relating to Students registered on the Programme.
  • Receive and consider reports from the Programme’s External Examiner as to the Programme assessment standards and quality assurance arrangements.
  • Consider the effectiveness and accuracy of the Programme’s grade conversion scale and other supporting arrangements.



  • Designated Programme Director of the Coordinating Institution or their nominated delegate – Dr Eamonn Butler

Ex-Officio Members (also referred to Internal Examiners)

  • The Programme Co-Directors from each CPU or their delegate.
  • All academic staff at all CPUs who are responsible for the modules delivered as part of the Programme for the Student Intake(s) under consideration.

External Members

  • An External Examiner, appointed in accordance with the University of Glasgow’s relevant policies and procedures, as nominated by the Head of School of the School of Social & Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow on the recommendation of the Consortium Management Board – Dr James Worrall (University of Leeds)


  • The Programme Administrator – Ms Lauren Hoare