Doctor Anna Casaglia is Assistant Professor of Political and Economic Geography at the University of Trento and joined the School of International Studies in 2019. Her interests and expertise revolve around the relationship between conflict and space, borders and migration, the spatial aspects of power relations, the relationship between bodies and space within a structural frame of power, inequality and violence, critical geopolitics. A list of her publications can be found below.

Student Engagement:

Doctor Casaglia teaches ‘Geographies of security’ and she is willing to provide supervision for students interested in the geospatial aspects of security and insecurity at different spatial scales, the spatial features of international relations, the emergence of landscape of in/security, the complex relation between resources and conflicts, environmental aspects of IR and security also with a focus on the geopolitics of the Anthropocene and the climate crisis.

Academic Background:

Doctor Casaglia has an M.A. in Sociology and an interdisciplinary D.Phil. in Urban Studies from the University of Milano Bicocca.  She worked as Postdoc and Senior Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland where she further developed her expertise on bordering processes, migration management and borderwork, especially within the context of the EU. She has held numerous visiting fellowships at universities including the Goldsmith College in London (UK), the University of Durham (UK), the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography in Leipzig (DE), the University of Manoa in Hawaii (US). She is a board member of the Political Geography Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers and of the Steering Committee of the Commission on Political Geography of the International Geographical Union.

Selected Publications


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